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kadikoy  kalkedon istanbul by belkibirgun kadikoy  kalkedon istanbul by belkibirgun
Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture

Kadikoy is based on many previous years. Kadikoy was established during the Byzantine period. Fatih Sultan Mehmet, 17 years ago, before the conquest of Istanbul. Founded as the BC 675 years is considered. Fikirtepe'den area after the first settlement was established somewhere between today's Fashion Point Park with Yoğurtçu Halkedon "Copper Country" has become. Called the Copper Country from this town until today there is no residue. When the conquest of Istanbul Kadikoy is a small settlement, the continuation of conquest did not show a big improvement. Kadi Khidr Bey Mosque in today's View to the network location of the mosque built by the Ottomans was where the first important architectural structure. Kadikoy begin to evolve in the 19th 2nd century half of the Selimiye Barracks, started after the construction of important structures such as Haydarpasa Military Hospital. Regular boat trips, especially starting in 1857, Kadıköy has made a position for placement is more preferable. Kadikoy until today has this feature.

Kadikoy, in 1869, larger and more important at that time a center is connected to the Uskudar Sandjak.
For a long time due to the Kadikoy district of Uskudar, in 1930 made the district. Kadikoy, şehirleşmesini largely completed, although the growing population of a town and district. Kadikoy's population is 58 thousand in 1940, 241 thousand in the 1970s, in 1985, has become a big city with a population of 648 thousand. Kadikoy 699,379 population in 1997 to 'stop. Kadikoy is widely popular trade provides a living. Boston Market, Altıyol, Baharia and Baghdad street, the areas of commercial activity is concentrated. Kayışdağı'ndan out, spilled Kurbağalıdere'nin Kalamış Bay 1500-3000 years ago, people lived around the traces of Christ, found in the works, but so far has not been a significant excavation and examination. Only a small arkeolajik Fikirtepesi research has been around, uncovered during construction of a road and building works are collected, evaluated the results have been tried has not been satisfactory. The resulting findings were generally up to two meters deep. These stone, glass, clay works.

Street, primarily between the years 1942-1952 and by the age of bronze artifacts were found in the excavations made Gazhane'de. Used as a hammer in the works around Fikirtepe stones, pearls, turquoise stone, made of bronze arrowheads, needles and other kinds of needle fish. Fashion Burnu, the earthen oil lamps, with embroidery on the painted vases, ox statue of a bearded man's head and a bronze plate was found intiva Kalkedon inscription.

What is strange that, in the Kadikoy district Hisarlik works like the old city, also seen Trova, Trova Kadıköy'le between art, culture and the idea of proximity in terms of trade was born. Studies in Fikirtepe'de dish, but not satisfactory, pottery, all hand structure. Although there is no more in number, piercing instruments made of bone and horn. very rare situation in the agricultural equipment needed. A large number of mussels, fish, wild animals have found the bones of the people thought she lived on farming and fishing. Fikirtepe'de counterparts in the Eskisehir plain pottery were also found in the excavations. So Fikirtepe people are thought to be based in Central Anatolia.

Lived in Kadikoy Persons in History

II in 446. Teheodes sat in Kadikoy. II. Kadikoy, the beauty of the palace during the long, long talk about Constantine Villehardouin. Windmill Place is not exactly known but is estimated to be on their backs. Because the apartments are basic excavations uncovered the remains of a very thick wall. BC students of Plato Ksemokrates 4 was born in Kadikoy. Kadikoy was not crowded at that time, but a government of the Straits and into the center of the Anatolian side. Justinianus Byzantine emperor and his wife, Theodora Fenerbahce geçirirlerdi an important part of a noble palace of the year. Byzantium to the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, and then after it sat in some of the sultans summer Köşkü'nda Fenerbahçe'deki fountain.

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